IamLocals provides a platform for local business owners to promote their products or services to tourists directly. With a smart set of tools, you can show the tourists what is the connection between your business and the local nature and culture.

Picture3During the trip, tourists desire to discover the special local food, products, accommodation and entertainment services. Through IamLocals, tourists can find your business on the way, contact your shop before the trip, or even purchase your products through the online shop after the trip.

You can manage the shop information and product introduction anytime by yourself. Beautiful, simple and easy to use, IamLocals is a fun and friendly place to approach your customers from all over the world.

IamLocals.com will check the information you submitted, and optimize your business and product presentation. After approved by IamLocals.com, your business or product will be published to the public.

Promote your business without online sales

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Please upload photos to show your product or service, and the local nature or culture which generated your business.

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You can update your business information such as your own events.

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IamLocals charges 10% of your sales revenue as the commission.

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If you are not sure how to fill in the tabs of shipping and tax, you can leave them empty, just fill in which markets you want to target, such as EU, USA, China etc. We will help you on the settings.

3. Promote My Business →
In the last block, please select all products you have added.

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Manage your online shop

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You can update your product information, such as inventory.

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